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Your listening space no longer determines the sound you hear

Jericho Effect

The acoustics of the listening space need no longer 'colour' the sound you hear.

Effectively neutralizing the conflicting reflected 'cues' made by the listening space, 'Diffusion at Source' ensures the playback sound more accurately replicates the performance captured in the recording.

Further, by intelligently 'highlighting' the almost imperceptible recorded cues through the use of Acoustic Wavelet Encoding, A3D technology enables the listener's audiology to construct a more 'temporally correct' perception.

The original recorded spatial cues do not become lost among the listening space reflections - the listeners' audiology can then work with those spatial cues present in the direct sound to create the perception of 'being there' at the recording.

Value Proposition

Market Verticals/Applicability

Making sound clearer, more engaging and perceptibly louder is the triple-whammy that all engaged in sound reproduction seek.

Customers too, invariably vote with their purchasing decisions as to which products are closer to the ‘reality’ they seek.

Everything that communicates sound is thus effected.

Home Hi-Fi is may be the obvious application of the A3D Jericho Effect, but TV’s too (and increasingly, Smartphones) are the devices people now choose to experience ‘realism’ - wherever they are.

Smartphones are often used in Teleconferences and Video Conferences, and consequently they need better audio. Clear intelligible audio that allows hands-free full-duplex calls would help – A3D’s Jericho Effect delivers that.

Motor vehicles are now regarded as ‘entertainment’ venues – whilst audio is also preferred to provide navigational information to the driver. Producing clear sound in the highly reflective space that is the interior of a car isn’t easy (many appear to try overpowering reflections using a large number of loudspeakers – in the process potentially masking important external auditory cues, and possibly inducing tiredness).

Public Address – particularly in large spaces – is very susceptible to the impact of reflections. Treating those reflections at source, and Acoustic Wavelet Encoding the audio output, makes for message intelligibility independent of the architectural environment. It makes the sound more engaging too.

Clearer sound is what the public want - and expect.

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