What We Do(and Why)

And Where We Do It

'Vastigo' (pronounced Va-STI-go) is Esperanto for 'diffusion'.

Vastigo Ltd was formed in Singapore, with the sole objective of ‘spreading the goodness’ of Acoustic3D’s technology – taking better sound to the widest possible audience. Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to hear music as the artist intended - as if present at the recording.

To achieve that goal, we encourage the world’s manufacturers of 'things that make sound' to adopt A3D technology, to add A3D to their products for their customers.

Our Customers

The first licensee of A3D technology is their wholly owned subsidiary New Audio Pty Ltd, an Australian manufacturer of audio equipment whose first product, the Australian Design Centre Award Winning New Audio 'Emergence' AS8 sound system provides a great demonstration of the A3D ‘reflector’ technology, and the power of acoustic apodisation and diffusion at source.

Who We Are

The Vastigo Execs

Peter Moore


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